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The “Smac” : what is it?


SMAC (Mobile Service for Cultural events) is a social club created in the Northern France in 2006 by people from different social and cultural fields.


The “SMAC” operates extensively on the territory with many regional partners. It has designed the   «2006  World around the heap»,  the first world music festival  and ”solidarity village” (5000 viewers) .


In the visual arts, it realized "Chimera ephemeral" (exhibition on  Rieulay’s heap in 2007 ), and especially in 2011 and 2013, the first major contemporary art exhibitions in  Douai "Hybrid" (5000 visitors), then an international exhibition of photographs on the coasts of the region

"The northern beaches welcome the beaches of the world" (2012).


And since its inception,  through internships and workshops, the Smac forms to all public artistic practices (visual arts , performing arts, heritage, writing ... ). Already 97 organizations and institutions trust us ( Cities , Local councils, schools, social clubs ...).


The Smac is also a social club  funded by private funds , the General Council of the North, Nord/Pas de Calais Regional Council, the ESF and the DRAC (regional office for cultural funds).


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